Quiz 9-26

Please answer 5 of 6.

1. Who in particular will diminish and go into the West, and why?

2. Sam sees two particular things going on in the Shire in a vision; describe one and please be specific.

3.  “May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.” What is it and what is in it? Please be specific.

4. Name and correctly spell one of J.R.R. Tolkien’s middle names.

5. “Memory is more like to the waking world than to a dream.” Who makes this observation and of whom?

6. “Behold the _________, the Pillars of the Kings!” cried Aragorn. “We shall pass them soon….” Giants they seemed to [Frodo], vast grey figures silent but threatening.”

Please fill in the blank.

Body Paragraph Guide

Topic sentence should be in first two or three sentences.

It should include the equivalent of a “because” or “therefore” clause and thus a mini-enthymeme.

It should link a specific point from the passage from LotR on which the paragraph focuses to your overall enthymeme-thesis in the intro paragraph.

Each body paragraph should be focused on one of your two close-reading passages, and should include at least one specific LotR page citation.

Weave historical or background material into your analysis of the paragraph.

Avoid long block quotes, use short quotes and paraphrase woven into your analysis.

Remember the menu for close reading: Plot, setting, characterization, style, diction, tone, metaphor, narrative, emotion, meme, story-telling. Also the contexts of Text, Environment (social and natural), Author (biographical and intellectual and spiritual and ethical), Reader (how readers received and receive the text). These contexts can include sources and analogues in mythology, scriptures, etc. You don’t have to include all these points, they are just a suggestive menu.


Writing Workshop

Intro paragraph elements

First sentence or two: Intro Word-Picture example to engage public readers

Next: Enthymeme

Declaration + because, therefore, thus, so, for + Declaration

Next: Two Backup Sentences

Next: Statement of Significance–offer a specific example of how your argument is relevant for your readers today, from an environmental standpoint

Quiz 4

1. What is discovered that enables the Fellowship to enter Moria?

2. What very specifically was the cause of the downfall of Moria (include specific name)?

3. Whose tomb was discovered?

4. What is at the heart of the Elf “city” (describe as specifically as you can)?

5. Frodo looks across the River from high up and is shown what?

Quiz 3

1. What is heard that had not been heard for a hundred years, since the white wolves came in the fell winter when the river was frozen, and what is the response of the Black Riders?

2. What happened to Merry’s ponies?

3. Sam starts singing of _____________. Later, Frodo starts to tell more of that story, but Strider interrupts and instead tells the story of _______________________.

(It’s ok if you don’t remember the names/titles, but be as specific as you can in describing.)

4. Describe briefly: Athelas

5. Describe briefly: Glorfindel




First Reflection Essay

The First Reflection Essay will be due on Saturday 9/27 at 5 p.m.

Focus in your writing on how biblical traditions of Nature are reflected in the first volume of The Lord of the Rings (Books 1 and 2) and on what kind of definition of sustainability these form in the story. To do this, develop in your first paragraph an enthymeme thesis, and a statement of significance, as we will workshop in our seminar together. You should focus in the body paragraphs on close readings of two passages from two separate chapters, one in Book 1, and one in Book 2. Each passage should be not longer than four pages long. We’ll also workshop in class how to do a close reading.  The concluding paragraph should expand upon the statement of significance in your opening paragraph, as we will discuss in seminar. Please use at least three outside scholarly sources, not Wikpedia or .com sites, or dictionaries or encyclopedias. You may cite the Davis book, Dickerson & Evans, and the Bible, but these won’t count toward your three outside sources.  You should weave into your close readings contexts from the social and natural environment of the text, as well as backgrounds from the author’s life, perspectives of readers then and now, and textual sources, as these are appropriate. In this you should draw on Timo Maran’s nature-text model, which we’ll discuss, and likewise on MNEMs.

Please use MLA style for citations and a Works Cited bibliography. The Works Cited bibliography should be in the same document, please don’t put it in a separate document. Please put page numbers in the upper right corner and do not use a separate cover sheet, the first page can begin with your name in the upper right corner and below it a centered title, and below that the start of the text.

The reflection should be 1,500 to 1,700 words in length, no longer or shorter.

Next week, by the time of our individual meeting Thursday or Friday (which will be scheduled on a google.doc soon), please send to me via email a short draft topic and thesis, and a short list of possible scholarly sources.

We’ll discuss that in individual meetings on 9/18 and 9/19

Please double space the essay and write it in a Word document, which needs to be submitted as an email attachment, in an email in which you “cc” yourself to make sure that it has gone through and is openable. You are responsible for any technical problems, so please make sure that you allow enough time to accommodate any potential difficulties.

Late work will not be accepted without an official health or dean’s excuse. Please remember that you need to pass each major written assignment (each of the three reflections) in order to pass the course.  If you receive a passing grade, you will also have the opportunity to revise it for a higher grade by the end of the seminar’s scheduled final exam, which is on Mon. Dec. 15, by 11 a.m. An excellent revision can garner additional points equal to one higher letter grade than the first version, but that depends on the quality of the work.

The essay will be graded approximately according to this rubric:

25 successful enthymeme thesis and statement of significance in an engaging and well-integrated opening paragraph

25 Effective framework of topic sentences for body paragraphs, related to the overall essay thesis and the conclusion

10 First close reading’s depth of analysis and detail

10 Second close reading’s depth of analysis and detial

10 Effective use of outside sources, citations and bibliography

10 Effective conclusion

10 Good editing and overall effective and graceful writing style

Please avoid trying to structure your paragraph in a “five-paragraph theme” style.

Enjoy your exploration of the topic!

Quiz 2

1. Who helps get Frodo and friends to the Ferry?

2. Why do the Trees of the Old Forest seem to dislike Hobbits?

3.  What’s the point of the trip to Buckland for Frodo?

4. How was Frodo’s secret originally revealed to Merry?

5. In the Old Forest, they meet two notable characters who are not in the movies. Please name them.