quiz at isengard

1. Gandalf specifically diagnoses the cause of Saruman’s moral downfall in our reading for today. To what in particular does he attribute it there? (be very specific)

2. Pippin earlier said that Saruman’s great strategic mistake was to leave something out of his calculations (this was in terms of Saruman’s planning for war, not in terms of his moral downfall). What in particular is that which Pippin says Saruman left out of his calculations, resulting in his defeat?

3. In our reading for today the Huorns are described in a way more specifically than what we discussed about them in class Wednesday. What is the specific definition of the Huorns from today’s reading?

4. How many palantíri were there originally, according to the poem recited by Gandalf (“— stones”) and the list given in the narration?

5. Who originally used the stones as a communications network?

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